How to Create your Branding as a Musician

As a professional Musician, your music must come first by all means, but it's also important to have a defined style and brand identity presented to your fanbase. It will help you stand out in a crowd online and also make your fans understand your values and beliefs. This definition will be crucial in order to guide how you want to be seen by dictating the content you create for those who believe the most in you.

These simple steps can take a long time to be put on paper and they serve for your personal orientation, so feel free to edit them as needed on your journey.

1- Know Your WHY

    This might be the hardest and most crucial step in creating your brand identity. The WHY is your slogan for the reason you're doing what you're doing. An example of a company who has a strong WHY is Apple's "Think Different".

    Ask yourself the following: Why are you doing music? What do you wish to accomplish with your art? How is your music going o make a difference? What causes do you care about?
    Really take your time and reflect before putting pen to paper. The WHY must be a phrase that summarizes all these answers to questions above. The slogan is written for your guidance so you don't have to necessarily tell it to anyone like some do. It's better to show it by creating content to effectively achieve your goals and attract the people who believe in the same things as you do.

For more, read my blog post on how I found my WHY here: How I Found My Purpose

2-Create a unique style

    If you're a fan of the "White Stripes" like me, you know their color palette black, white and red is very consistent with any visual content they create. While Jack White's solo work is recognized by the color blue. This kind of assimilation of an artist with specific patterns and schemes can be very powerful when establishing a brand identity.

Though it can get boring to be using the same colors over and over on your social media platforms, videos, and clothing. It can be extremely helpful to at least have something that differentiates you from the crowd. Having too many things going on that don't make sense can be overwhelming for those who follow you online and also on your live performances. My tip: a Pinterest board of images that represent your music more visually can help create patterns and that image that you want to express to your fans. Use the board for your personal guidance when doing a social media plan so you can be organized and efficient.

3-Tell a Story

   Many artists end up writing generic bios while missing the opportunity of really connecting to their fans in a deeper level. As short as it can be, be genuine and tell people who you are, how did you become a musician, what music means for you and why you should keep doing it. You might want to create versions of your bio in different lengths to better appropriate the platform. The important is to tell a story and show your personality.

4-Invest in Quality Photos

    It's a total game changer when you have your pictures taken by an actual Photographer. Even though most of us have some kind of smartphone or even expensive equipment, a professional has been dedicating his life to Photography and will bring the best out of every image of you or your band. There are so many ways to find them on Instagram and there are also those who are working to update their portfolio who might agree to do a collaboration with you. 

Finally, I hope these tips are useful for you or your band and please let me know if you would add anything else to this list

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